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One of the most riotous, curated but also random NFT projects to date, the Bohemian Bulldogs team is creating some innovative aspects for NFTs. Each NFT is akin to a membership program in which this team looks to continue to create and distribute new content. Along with the giveaways, random drops, and utility, the Bohemian Bulldogs team is looking to create a strong community behind the project. Attempting to bring the community together in offline events, governance for future developments and a strong and active Twitter and Discord allows for members to be part of an exclusive club.

NFT projects have become much more than gaining a spectacular profile picture or flipping for profit.

NFTs in the first quarter of 2022, the volume of sales slowed substantially, falling by nearly 50% according to data collection website NonFungible, as the volatility of the market hit cryptocurrencies and took down many NFT projects with it.

During that same span, The Players’ Lounge’s first Georgia drop in January generated $1.5 million in revenue (the 4,500 NFTs returned $900,000 in primary sales and another $600,000 secondarily). Some 50% of the primary NFT sale proceeds went directly to their initial player partners, putting nearly $30,000 in each athlete’s pocket.

The Players’ Lounge was able to make NFTs appealing to college sports fans, most of whom aren’t comfortable with crypto, Marshall said, by asking them to spend actual dollars for real-world experiences rather than pushing digital currency and speculation.

“It’s more about utility,” Marshall said.

Bohemian Bulldogs looks to encapsulate this era with the Boho style draped over a French Bulldog. From hats to glasses, to jewelry the accessories capture the look and style of the time with unique elements from the DNA of each Bulldog. The exceptional art from the team includes over 300+ Elements, 200+ Outfits, 20+ Head Accessories, 20+ Collars, 20+ Eyewear, 20+ Furs, 10+ Emotions, and multiple background styles including specific influential areas like New York, London, and Los Angeles. With every possible configuration, this project exceeds the 1,000,000,000+ combination mark and displays some really unique examples.

The Bohemian Bulldogs are separated by sets. These sets include Streetstyle, Bohemian, Boho, Business, and Capsule. Below is a reference to each type.


We succumb to the culture of the street styles of the ’80s.

Мое мнение о Bohemian Bulldogs

Судя по внешнему виду официального сайта Bohemian Bulldogs и отзывам в сети, можно сказать, что проект имеет качественную подготовку. Внешне бульдоги выглядят действительно неплохо, поэтому вполне возможно, что у них найдется своя армия поклонников, которая будет готова приобретать их по завышенным ценам.

When you hear things like crypto [or] blockchain, they were extremely hands-off.”

Instead of trying to strictly sell NFTs to a skeptical consumer group, The Players’ Lounge turned the freshly minted digital collectibles into an access pass to a fan-centric community. Purchasers gained access to the athletes involved, special events and exclusive content. The NFT was no longer the end product but rather an entrance fee—and one that could be bought with cash instead of cryptocurrencies.

The NFT side of the business currently serves only as a means to an end, but Marshall and Murray still fully believe in NFTs’ place in the future of sports fandom, so much so that Marshall passed on a post-MBA offer from McKinsey & Company to join The Players’ Lounge full-time.

Free, mischievous, and unrepeatable design that we are going to revive with the most recognized and emblematic backgrounds.Bohemian

Smells of fragrance, richness, and exclusivity. We move to the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city, where each Bulldog wears his style tattooed on the skin.


Has anyone heard of Pret-a-porter clothing? These Bulldogs are the ones that carry the most valuable materials and show their style with chains and high-end accessories, without forgetting to wear a very cool eighties hairstyle.


White-collar workers are here, to move all the money in the world and wear the most exclusive suits with a specific French stem fitted style.

Capsule Collection

We have collected the craziest ideas of artists, fashion designers, and the most iconic personalities of that time.

Check them out: Website | Twitter | Discord

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